Blessed Victor (Victoriano) Calvo Lozano

Bro. Victor (Victoriano) Calvo Lozano was born in Horche (Guadalajara) December 23, 1896. Distinctly inclined to the spiritual life, he

Blessed Pedro Romero Espejo

Fr Pedro Romero Espejo was born in Pancorbo (Burgos) April 28, 1871. He entered the Redemptorist school at El Espino

Blessed Julián Pozo Y Ruiz de Samaniego

Fr. Julián Pozo Y Ruiz de Samaniego was born in Payueta (Álava) January 7, 1903. He entered the Redemptorist seminary

Blessed Miguel Goñi Ariz

Fr Miguel Goñi Ariz was born in Imarcoain (Navarra) April 27, 1902. Manifesting the desire to become a priest even

Blessed Ciriaco Olarte Y Pérez Mendiguren

Fr. Ciriaco Olarte Y Pérez Mendiguren was born in Gomecha (Álava) on February 8, 1893, into a very religious family.

Blessed José Javier Gorosterrazu Jaunarena

Fr. José Javier Gorosterrazu Jaunarena was born in Urroz (Navarra) August 7, 1877. At age 14, against the wishes of

Six Redemptorist Martyrs of Cuenca

Feast Day: November 6 On November 6, the Redemptorist Family celebrates the memory of the six Martyrs of Cuenca. Faithful

Blessed Zynoviy Kovalyk

Fr. Zynoviy Kovalyk was born on 18 August 1903 in the village of Ivachiv Horishniy near Ternopil to a poor

Blessed Ivan Ziatyk

Ivan Ziatyk was born on 26 December 1899 in the village of Odrekhova, some 20 kilometers south-west of the town

Blessed Vasyl Velychkovskyi

Vasyl Vsevolod Velychkovskyi was born on 1st June 1903, in Stanislaviv (now Ivano-Frankivsk) to a family of the Velychkovskyi’s and