Lay Collaborators

Would you like to become a Redemptorists Lay associate?

Who is a Redemptorist Lay associate?…

The profile of Redemptorist Laity/Associates Redemptorist Laity/Associates are single and married men and women who, responding to their baptismal vocation and maintaining their lay status, share and are animated by the Redemptorist charism. Redemptorist Laity/Associates are those who:

  • Live the values of the Gospel;
  • Share in Redemptorist spirituality;
  • May be involved in work within the mission of the Redemptorists;
  • Are attracted by the Redemptorist charism;
  • Are emotionally stable;
  • Have a special concern for the abandoned, the poor, those in the periphery, the wounded in our world;
  • Offer themselves and are welcomed by the Redemptorist community to a group;
  • Are linked to a community of local Redemptorist religious or to one of the organizations of the Unit (NGOs, missionary teams, secretariats, former Redemptorist students, certain Confraternities, etc.);
  • Are accompanied by a Redemptorist religious from the local community or institution, or a duly prepared layperson; and
  • Must have followed a process of formation in the Redemptorist charism.