Youth Ministry

Young people have been at the heart of the Redemptorists Mission in Kenya. They are part and parcel of our missionary priorities. We journey with them as we experience their joys, challenges,hopes, future prospects and learning from them as well. As Redemptorists in Kenya, we have used an opportunity to tap young people from our two parishes that is Iruma and Kinungi and made them under one umbrella Redemptorist Youth Group.

Each year we bring the young people together from our parishes for games, prayer, events, camps, seminars and workshops. Together we have visited the sick, constructed houses and toilets for the poor, supported some young people with school fees among other acts of mercy. Our aim is to help the young people to understand that they are part and parcel of our Church and our Redemptorists Mission. Thus, our Motto is ” Young People the Now of the Church!” Thanks to Fr Nicholas and Titus for their zeal to work with the young people.


These were just words the first time you hear them until you get a chance to interact with the Redemptorists youth group.

It is an umbrella of two youth foundations started by Redemptorists fathers in two parishes namely Kinungi and Iruma parish.

Started by the Redemptorists community in kinungi parish in the denary of St. Fransic Xavier Naivasha of the larger Catholic diocese of Nakuru a few years back when the new parish was formed and left under the guidance of our lady of sorrows as the saint patron.

Under the leadership of Fr.Titus CSsR as the chaplain members started streaming in one after the other making the group larger every day. As the days went by the numbers increased and the group started engaging in community work activities like feeding the hungry, cleaning the environment, and taking care of the old

Through the years a new set of leaders took charge lead by the chaplain Fr. Nicholas CSsR and introduced an annual exchange program with the other young members from  Iruma parish of the catholic diocese of Meru. Through this, the growth of members is evident especially spiritual growth.

Through the Redemptorists charism of evangelizing the poor and the most abandoned in the community has helped the youth come up with ideas and actually implement them. The most recent project has been in kiurani Meru county Kenya. Under the leadership of Fr.Titus CScR the youth built a house dug up a pit latrine for the family in Iruma parish and they were really grateful since they had a new place to live. Their brothers and sisters from kinungi parish took time and identified Christians who had a  hard time getting food especially during the pandemic dubbed “corona times” under the guidance of their chaplain Fr.Nicholus CSsR they gathered food and were able to distribute it to the less fortunate.

“The now of the church” we work today for a better tomorrow

By: Wandati Njung’e

        Redemptorist youth.